Jul 9, 2015

Bear World

Yellowstone 2015- Last day

One of the funnest things we did on our vacation was actually in Rexburg, Idaho on our way home. 
Seriously, have you ever been to Yellowstone Bear World?
We've had a few people tell us how much fun it is, but I was skeptical.
Never again.  It seriously was a cool, fun, hawt and hot, awesome place.
It's like a mountain safari you take in your own personal vehicle.
You drive along a path surrounded by elk, bison, deer, and BEARS!
Lots and lots of bears -grizzly and black.
 After the safari you park your car and then the real fun begins.
We decided to take what they call the "curator tour".  I call it the "feed the bears tour" cause that's exactly what we did.
They take your photo before, but we could never find anyone to ask if we get emailed a copy or if we purchase it or what- so when I saw it up on this computer, I snapped a photo myself.
 We piled into a tall truck and off we went to mingle with the bears.

 It was so much fun to hold your bread out the truck
 and watch the bears beg and do cute tricks for it.
 Some, like this one, decided we weren't fast enough. She decided to take matters into her own hands.
or mouth!
 We picked an extremely hot day for an outdoor expedition.  It was well over 100 degrees!
Here we are cooling off with snow-cones for the fam, ice water for me.
 Once we were cooled down, we ventured into the petting zoo.
 where #4 lulled this deer to sleep
 Clint has a fixation with deer.  We see them all the time around our house, but for some reason each time he spots one it's like he's seeing them for the first time ever!  
He won't admit it but I think he giddy with joy to be able to rub the velvety antlers of this little buck.

 These two had fun trying to catch the peacocks.  They may or may not have gotten scolded by the park staff for doing so.
 My favorite part of Bear World?
watching the teeny, tiny, cutesy, wootsie baby bears.
 Aren't they precious.  I was seriously contemplating how I could smuggle one out and take it home with me.
 Bear World also has a handful of small what I would call kiddie rides.  This is my girls on the roller coaster.  I think the total ride time was 45 seconds long.
 There was also a tilt-a-whirl
 a train, which the boys, as big as they are, both had to squish into the locomotive so they could ring the bell.
We were the only ones in this part of the park (probably because it was so hot, no one but us was crazy enough to be outside).  If we hadn't already been there for 2 plus hours and needed to get home sometime that night, we would have spend another hour or two there.