Jun 29, 2015

Yellowstone 2015- Day 1 Sunday

 Last Week was FAMILY VACATION TIME!  I just love vacations, but doesn't everyone?
Last Saturday, we packed up the trailer, the four-wheelers, and what seemed to be the entire house (luckily everything fit), and took off for the week to the mountains of West Yellowstone, Montana.
Luckily #3 was able to get the week off from work, but #1 wasn't so lucky.  I hate taking family vacations without the WHOLE ENTIRE family. 

By the Way, You can relive our last Yellowstone vacation HERE
Vacation Day 1, Sunday, we spent celebrating the Sabbath & Father's Day

 Keeping with tradition, #6 lost a tooth
just like her older sister did the last time we were there 3 years ago.
She was pretty excited the tooth fairy was able to find her all the way in MT.
 We ended the day by taking a nice scenic Sunday drive through the mountains 
 on our ATV's, of course.

  We drove down and around the gorgeous Lake Hebgen