Jun 18, 2015

Wildcats and other things

Last week I told you all about our busy first week of June.  I stopped halfway through Thursday with Kevin and Brynn's wedding.  Let's continue shall we?. . .

Thursday Part Deuce-
After the ceremony at the temple and a quick lunch at Chick-fil-a, we stopped by East High for my High School Musical loving 17 year-old.  
She loves all three movies and watches them over and over.
The first movie was filmed at East High School in north Salt Lake City Utah.
 Here we were, dressed in our wedding attire, tromping around the school .  Everyone must have thought we were crazy.  Not to mention school had just gotten out for the day.
We toured the cafeteria where the famous Stick to the Staus Quo number was filmed.
 It was just like in the movie. We also toured the stairwells, the gym, and we had to stop and ask the janitor for help locating Sharpay's famous pink lockers.
Look how happy she is!  She couldn't stop smiling.  I think she was in hopes that Zac Efron would walk around the corner. (I secretly was too.)
 After East High, we hurried up? over? (whichever direction it is) to Heber, UT where the reception was held.  The rest of the photos you'll see were taken by this cutie.
Kevin and Brynn's reception was held at her parents beautiful country house (which as a side note, was still under construction but was quickly finished enough to host their reception.)  It was gorgeous with beautiful views.
See that mountain in the background?  My parents are on that mountain.
The reception was very picturesque with a barn, barn-wood tables and chairs, and a live band.
 They even had a 'family tree' -which was a tree wrapped with twine and covered in wedding/couple photos of parents and grandparents.  This is Clint's parent's wedding photo!  I love it!
 (Here's Uncle Karl. Isn't he such a stud?)
Dinner was BBQ - brisket, chicken, beans and slaw, and for dessert- a s'mores bar.
They even brought people to and fro by way of a horse-drawn wagon.
It was beautiful!