Jun 8, 2015

Where to Begin

Last week was a whirlwind of activities, people, and emotions.
We had summer vacation begin, a son leave for a summer job, a family wedding, a Temple Celebration, and our long- awaited for Payson Temple was finally dedicated yesterday.

This past week I've experiences many mixed emotions -  I've felt overwhelmed, happy, spiritually-high, stressed, mad, sad, excited, anxious, left-out, loved- you name it, I felt it.

It was a FULL week!  Let me explain:
Monday, as you know, began bright and early with a trip up the canyon to drop my 3rd child off at Camp Maple Dell (you can read about that here).  He's working there for the summer in the commissary. All week long, I noticed his absence (as did the rest of his siblings).  It was an awesome reunion when I picked him up Friday night - but more about that later.
Monday was also the first day of summer break.  I think by 10:00 am, my two youngest were thoroughly bored!  (Why is it that my kids complain about having to get up and have structure to their day, but then when summer comes and they are able to do whatever they want, they want structure and someone to plan out their day? - Scientist may never discover the answer!) I'm sure your little angels don't do this, but when my kids (especially my two youngest) are bored they fight.  I think by bedtime, Monday night, I had broken up at least 17 arguments, tease-sessions, 'she's looking at me' moments, etc.
For FHE on Monday, we went and helped my nephew finish his Pinewood Derby car (I use the term 'We' very loosely.  When I say We I really mean Clint.)  He proudly won 3rd place overall and the award for Best Paint Job.

We also visited Gram.  Poor Gram.  She fell and broke her ankle a few weeks ago. 
She was on her patio overseeing a friend plant her flowers.  She can't really remember how it happened, but somehow, her leg went out from under her and she was on the ground.  Her leg was straight, but her foot was lying on the ground.  She thought she had just sprained it.  Luckily there were two other women there who insisted on taking her to the ER for x-rays.  It was definitely broken.  The next morning she had surgery.  The surgeon did his best to repair it.  A few metal plates, and several boxes of screws later her ankle is now facing the right way.  

 She is currently working on healing and adjusting in a rehab center.  She will be there until Aug.  (We will have to wait and see what happens after that.)