Jun 11, 2015

Wedding Dinner

Wednesday -
Clint's Aunt Betty and his cousin Sharen came from Arizona last Wednesday for the wedding.
They are a hoot to be with.  This photo pictures Aunt Betty perfectly - she is always happy and laughing.
As soon as they arrived, we all crammed into our car and rode together to Clint's brother Kevin's Wedding Dinner. (Since Aunt Betty and Sharen could only stay one night with us, we wanted to get in as much visiting time as possible.)

The dinner was located in the backyard of the bride's brother's beautiful Holladay home.
The landscaping was to die for!
(I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures!  What was I thinking?)
We ate a casual dinner of hamburgers, salads, and fruit.  After dinner were speeches and roastings.  You know typical Mormon wedding fair.
This was the first time in years the family has all been together.
It was great getting to see and visit with everyone.
My favorite though was getting to hold my 3 week old nephew for the first time.