Jun 22, 2015

Payson Temple Cultural Celebration (Part 1)

 I'm going to take this week to blog about the Payson Temple.
June 6 & 7 were really exciting days for us.
On the 6th we celebrated the completion of the temple with a cultural celebration held at Lavell Edward's Stadium at BYU (more about that later).
It's hard to believe that the temple is finally complete.
We spent 1000's of Sunday afternoons driving by the temple site to check on its progress.
We've watched this temple be built from the ground up, and as we've done so, our testimonies have also been built up.  
 Each Sunday as we drove by the temple site, Clint and I were able to instruct and testify to our children why temples are so important.  Our children could feel the Spirit of this temple long before it was finished.
When the temple was announced, we were promised that many blessings and miracles would happen.
And indeed they have.  My family has been blessed and many others have too.
My favorite miracle story is from a man in our ward's father.  You can READ IT HERE!  It is amazing!