Jun 12, 2015

Kevin & Brynn

Last Thursday, June 4, 2015 Clint's younger brother, Kevin, married his sweetheart, Brynn.
They were married for time and for eternity in the Salt Lake City temple. 
The plan was to get all the kids and myself ready, leave our house at 10 so we could pick up Clint who had to go into work that morning.  That would put us at the temple with plenty of time to find a place to park, get our kids settled and still be on time for the ceremony.
 The morning went off without a hitch. We even left to pick up Clint on time.
We arrived at his work, he jumped in the car, and we were off.
No sooner had we pulled out of his work's parking lot that it dawned on me - I had left my temple recommend (a card that allows me entrance into the temple) at home!  Oh GREAT! 
 It would have taken us an half hour to get back home and another hour to get up to Salt Lake.
In other words, if we went back home to retrieve my recommend, we would be late!
We opted to just drive to Salt Lake.  I would just wait outside the temple with my children.
 On the way up, Clint had an ingenious idea (probably with a little help from above) to call our oldest who was still at home (he had to work and wasn't able to come with us) and ask him to take a photo of my temple recommend and text it to me. Which he did. 

When we got to the temple, we explained the situation to the temple worker.  He didn't even bat an eye.  He simply typed in the bar code number of my recommend and voile'!  I was in.
As Clint and I sat together in the sealing room, I was so grateful, first of all, to be there with him (if it wasn't for technology I wouldn't have been) and second, I was grateful to be married forever to this man.  I thought back to 21 years ago when in this exact same temple, I knelt across the alter from the man of my dreams and we were sealed together and to our little 9 month old son and our five future children FOREVER!  For all future time and always!
What a blessing!