May 28, 2015

MORP 2015


 It's that time of year again. . . .MORP (that's Prom backwards for those of you who may not know).
It's a casual dance where girl asks boy.  For us, Morp happens a few weeks after prom.
This was the invitation (Or the asking)-
A box full of 100 blown-up water balloons.  Inside a dozen or so there was a different letter of her name inside.
 This was the RSVP (or the answer).
A 'YES' was written inside one wrapper out of three packs of gum (only two are pictured here)!
 The day of the dance was rainy and cold - that always makes for great pictures. . . NOT!  These photos were taken in an outside amphitheater which gratefully provided some cover from the rain.
 A week or so before the dance, #2's date broke his collar bone in a freak long-boarding accident.
 He was a trooper, and they still had a blast!
 Before the dance was a game of bowling. Afterwards, everyone came over to our house for a waffles and ping-pong!
You can't go wrong with waffles - easy and delicious.
Yay for high school dances and friends!