May 12, 2015

Mommy Weekend

 I had a wonderful Mother's day.  There is nothing better than being Mom to my six.
It been the most rewarding, frustrating, happiest, depressing, successful, unsuccessful. troubling, and peaceful things I've ever done.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The weekend started out on Friday with a Mommy-and -Me Picnic with #6.
She ate a Lunchable.  I had a green pepper (gotta love whole30).
  Saturday night was a night out on the town with my honey full of shopping, dining, and a little fine arts in the form of a play.
Sunday Clint and the kids spoiled me rotten.  They even baked me a whole30 approved cake, and  I about died laughing when I read these cards from my two youngest:
All about my Mom
My Mom's name is Rachel
She is 36 years old
Mom and I like to watch people
Mom like to say "hello"
My mom really loves me!
She like to eat salid (salad)
She likes to drink water
My Mom's job is to work at home
If she had time, she would like to stop cleaning up after us
Mom is really good at being nice
If I could go anywhere in the world with her, we'd go Paris
I love my Mom because she love me!
She likes to eat salid (salad)
She does not like to eat coces (cookies)

Apparently I'm a salad eating stalker who does not like to clean the house.
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