May 14, 2015


 Last week we had the privilege of watching my nephew while his parents partied it up in Hawaii.
You forget how easy life is with older kids until you have a two year old staying with you.
I had forgotten how fun and funny they can be, but also how much they still need you.  Sometimes it's nice to be needed.  Sometimes it's exhausting.
We played trains (it was the only boy toy I have left), and telephone, jumped on the trampoline, and rode 'bikes' outside. He even sat in as a 'computer buddy' for his cousins.  We feasted on cookies, and string cheese, and lots of crackers. Oh yes, and we watched what seemed like thousands of episodes of Mickey Mouse Club and Octonauts.
(I think #2 did not like me taking her photo)

I don't think he walked the whole time he was with us- poor guy.  He kept yelling especially at #5, "Put me down!  I can walk!"  But she nobody ever listened.

Aren't two year olds the best?!