Apr 27, 2015


As a family we have been preparing ourselves to receive the great blessing of having another temple in our midst.
At our last Stake Conference (in February), our Stake President issued the following challenge:

"I challenge each of you to make your own personal offering to the Lord by the time of the Payson Temple dedication.  Seek revelation to what the Lord would have you sacrifice to lay on the alter of the temple."

My offering:
 my negative self-talk.

I'm sacrificing all my pity parties, and all the mean things I tell myself.  I've become really good at bullying, and beating myself up.  I knew that this truly would be a sacrifice.  Something that is not easy to do.  Something that will take a lot of hard work, and focus.  My negative self-talk has been around for decades, and is a trait that has been passed down from generation to generation.  It's a hard habit to break.  But it's going to stop with me, right now- no more.

 I've been diligently trying to learn to compliment myself, to love myself- flaws and all, to forgive myself for all the stupid things I do and did, and to see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me.  

I've been reading tons of books about taking control of your thoughts.  One of my favorites is the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  She teaches that what you say to yourself (whether out-loud or in your mind) you believe. And this belief shapes your life. I'm learning that our thoughts control so much!  
Have you ever been around a person who complains all the time?  What is their life like?  They're usually always sick (or complaining that something hurts), and they're never very happy -everything stinks. I'm realizing that life is what you make it.  It's all about your perspective- your thoughts.  We get to decide how we feel about something, what makes us happy, what makes us angry, if we feel pretty or ugly, fat or thin. etc. It's our choice. No one can make us feel or think anyway we don't want to.

How many times have we heard our leaders say "watch your thoughts"  I always thought they were only referring to inappropriate 'naughty thoughts'.  I'm now realizing that they were also referring to our negative thoughts-  whether about ourselves, a situation, or someone else.

So I've embarked on a mission to change a 37 year old bad habit. I'm taking charge of my thoughts - all of them. No more negative self-talk.  It is not easy and it is not going to happen over night.  I have to remind myself daily to be patient that it takes time to learn and create a new habit.

This scripture has been my motto.  I have it taped up around my house where I see it often.  It helps to remind me that if any thought I'm thinking is not good, change it so that it is.  I truly believe that happy, positive thinking is the way to go.