Apr 16, 2015

Letters to the Tooth Fairy

 #6 lost another tooth last week.
(Why is that once your kids start loosing their teeth, they seem to grow up overnight?)
She looks so cute I just want to smoosh her.
(Why is it that little kids look so dang cute with missing teeth, but old people . . .not so much?)
 Of course, we had another letter.  These letters are all my fault.  I should have never told my children about the time the tooth fairy forgot about me for months and months.  She (he?) tried to make up for it by writing typing me a letter informing me that she had been on an extended vacation to Disneyland.  Some how, this gave them the impression that the tooth fairy likes to correspond with her toothless patrons and they have been leaving little love notes for her ever since.  As if the tooth fairy doesn't have other things to do with her time (like sleep).
After this particular note was found, I overheard my girls chit-chatting about how pretty the tooth fairy's handwriting was.  That compliment made me feel good- for some unknown reason (WINK WINK).