Apr 26, 2015

Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?

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by President Henry B. Eyring

Fasting- something simple the Lord has given us that we can do to help the hungry, the homeless, and the lonely.

What is fasting?
". . .In the Church today we are offered the opportunity to fast once a month and give a generous fast offering through our bishop or branch president for the benefit of the poor and the needy.  Some of what you give will be used to help those around you, perhaps someone in your own family. The Lord’s servants will pray and fast for the revelation to know whom to help and what help to give. That which is not needed to help people in your local Church unit will become available to bless other Church members across the world who are in need."

"When we offer succor to anyone, the Savior feels it as if we reached out to succor Him."

suc·cor - assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.
ˈsəkər/  (noun)

". . .Storms and tragedies will come across the world to people the Lord loves and whose sorrows He feels.  Part of your fast offering and mine this month will be used to help someone, somewhere, who relief the Lord will feel as is it were His own."

"Your fast offering will do more than help feed and clothe bodies.  It will heal and change heart."

President Eyring quotes the famous verses found in Matthew 25:34-40.
Have you seen the cute Mormon Messages video, The Old Shoemaker, that brings this scripture to life?  You can watch it HERE.   If you haven't seen it, it really is worth watching.

It is not just others that benefit from us fasting, we too are blessed.

Blessings from Fasting
President Erying reminds of of the many blessings fasting brings by quoting from Isaiah 58:6-11-
I will list some of them.

-bands of wickedness loosed
-undo heavy burdens
-let the oppressed go free
-bread to the hungry
-naked are clothes
-health shall spring forth speedily
-righteousness shall go before thee
-glory of the Lord shall be they rearward
-Lord will answer when you call for Him
-the Lord will guide thee continually