Apr 30, 2015

Bride's Room

 Last Sunday I had the privilege of going with #2 on a special tour of the Payson, UT temple.
The whole purpose of the tour was to view this room right here-  The Bride's Dressing Room.
It was gorgeous! 
Notice the apple blossoms on the round sofa?  The Payson temple has been nicknamed the Apple Blossom Temple because there are tons of apple blossoms incorporated throughout it's decor.

 We also viewed a sealing room.  It is in these rooms that marriages are performed.  Not just any ordinary marriage, but a marriage that is sealed together for all eternity not just until death.
As I sat in this beautiful special room ( just look at the glass ceiling!), I reflected on my own sealing, and how grateful I am to be able to have my husband and children with me forever.

Then I started thinking about how in just a few short years, I could be sitting in this same chair watching my child get married (honestly that freaked me out a little)!!!! 
My mind wandered back to the time when #2 , just four-years old, came to me all dressed up in her dress-up clothes.  She gave me a hug, and said, "Bye, Mom!"  I asked her where she was going.  Her reply, "To the temple to get married!"  Then I asked her who she was marrying.  "Just Dad" she said.