Mar 5, 2015


Do you ever smell a certain smell and immediately you're transported to another time or place?
This morning we had cantaloupe with breakfast.  One whiff of that fruity smell and I was 10 years old again on summer vacation eating breakfast with Gram out on her patio on a warm fresh morning.  For some reason, I only remember having cantaloupe at Gram's house- cantaloupe with bacon.  YUM!

I have other smell-mories as well.
For instance, I can't smell Red Vines or greasy fast food without thinking of my other sweet grandma - G.G., who used to eat licorice by the handful while flipping burgers at her ma and pop fast food diner - The Timpfreeze.

For my dad, the smell of manure reminds him of home and his childhood.  Lucky for him, since I live just up from a dairy, he gets to smell that every time he comes to my house.
Ahhh smell-mories like the corner of my nose?

What Smell-mories do you have?