Mar 9, 2015

Loss for Words

I really don't have much to say today.  (I know shocking!)
I could tell you about Clint and I's date night over the weekend and how poor #2 (along with our two little girls) was left in charge.  How she was "forced" to pick up her brothers and their friends from a basketball game.  How on the way to pick the crew up, her little sister accidentally hit her little sister in the nose which led (of course) to a bloody nose - which led to a lesson on being more careful and also a shirt sleeve being used to soak up the blood because there was nothing else to use in the car -which led to a lesson on preparedness, and first-aid - which led to having to bathe her sister in order to remove the blood stains from her arms and face - which also led to a lesson on how to remove blood stains from clothes by first soaking them in the cold water - which finally leads us to the crime-like scene that is still in my bath-tub.

BUT, I wouldn't want to bore you or waste your time.

So, I'll just tell you to spend your time reading THIS instead!

Happy Monday.  Hope everyone is surviving the time change!  These are the days when I wish we lived in Arizona.