Mar 2, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

 Last Saturday was the end of our regular ball season.
 Clint coached #4's team (he's the hunkiest coach I've ever seen) this season.
He had a lot of fun with his team.
 On Saturday, the other team was a No-Show.  Since we had the ref's there, we decided to have a "free-for-all" scrimmage.  As you can see there were big boys and little boys-
Including my #3.
The scorekeeper (friends and teammates with my #3) taught my girls how to run the clock and keep score and he played as well.
 They did a great job!
 There were also 2 little brothers of some boys on the team that joined in too.
Highlight of the Game:
#4's (who is jersey #10) backward shot.  
(Watch from about 20 seconds on.)
Sorry Apple user, this may not work for you.???
 Tonight they play their first game in a single elimination tournament.
Wish them luck.
 Saturday #2 also played his last regular season game.  He also had a championship game later that night.  
 Their tournament was last week.  They won their game on Monday, and again on Friday which put them in the championship game, Saturday.
 They fought a good fight.  
and came in 2nd place.