Mar 13, 2015


This boy, child #3, has accomplished a lot this past week.
First, he interviewed for a job at the local BSA (that's Boy Scouts of America) camp.  And yes, he was hired, which means he will be gone for most of the summer. I'm already missing him. 
 It also means that he will be pre-spending (is there even such a word) his paychecks before he even gets them buying his official BSA uniforms which are required.  Everything from shirts, socks, pants, belts, neckerchiefs, and t-shirts, (probably underwear too) must be official BSA apparel!  
But alas, he will be learning to "work hard for the money" and hopefully this experience will light a fire underneath his 'you- know-what and he'll get busy finishing all the requirements needed for him to achieve Eagle status.
But before he leaves for the summer, he will be playing tennis as an official member of the Jr High tennis team- where we will get to spend a lot of quality time watching and taking him to his various meets or is it matches?  (I better learn the lingo if I'm going to be a good tennis-mom.)  He spent this week trying out, and was very happy yesterday when his name was called on the team roster.
Last week we were able to go on a little mother-son date where I asked him what his goals were for the next 5 years.  He at first said, Well I'll still be going to school.  When I reminded him that he would graduate in 3 years he was a little shocked.  When he realized that in 5 years he would be almost 21 that freaked him out too.  After thinking for just a second, he informed me that he:
1. wanted to graduate from high school
2.  wants to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints
-anywhere English speaking (I think because he's having a hard time learning a different language in his Spanish class right now.)  At youth conference a couple months ago they did a missionary theme and he was called to Chicago.  He said maybe he would serve there.?
3. wants to attend BYU when he gets home from his mission.

He'll be awesome at it all.  I'm so lucky to be his mama.