Feb 19, 2015

Proud Mama Moments

You know those moments when your child does something that makes you so proud of them you could just burst?  Moments that make you realize all the family nights, teaching moments, and late-night discussion were actually internalized (imagine that!).  I've had two huge "proud mama moments" recently:

Last week, #4 was invited to a birthday party.  He was excited to attend until he found out they were going to be attending a pg-13 movie.  (As you may or may not know, we've chosen to not watch any movie over a pg rating.)  I left the decision of whether or not to go up to him.  

There was no thinking about it.  He immediately chose not to go.  He told his friend that he didn't watch pg-13 movies but that if they did anything after, he would love to come to that.   5 minutes after the party started, the birthday boy's mom called me.  She said she felt awful.  She had been going back and forth as to whether or not to take everyone to see a pg-13 movie, and that they had changed their minds and were going bowling instead.  Yipee!  

What a testimony building experience for my son.  He learned that when you stick up for your beliefs (as hard as it may sometimes be), you are blessed for it.
I was so proud of him and extremely grateful to God for immediately showing forth the blessings of obedience.
The second moment came from this beauty.  I think it helped that Monday night we had a family night discussion on chastity and dating.  Where we reminded our older children how much easier it is to stay morally clean when you date in groups.  The next day, her test came. . . . 

#2 was invited by a boy to go out for ice cream.  Assuming it would be with a group, she accepted.  Later that evening she found out no one else was invited.  It would be just the boy and her.  She asked me what she should do.  I think she was afraid of hurting his feelings or embarrassing herself.  I once again told her it was her decision.  She would have to choose.  I gave her a couple ideas - She could blame not being able to go on her crazy mean mom and dad, or she could take her little sisters with her (my personal favorite).  

What she did totally surprised me.  She ended up flat out telling her date that she wouldn't go out with him unless he found more people to go with them, which, of course, he did.  YAY!  I was so proud of her for sticking to her standards.

Ahhh Proud Mama Moments - my heart could just burst!

My oldest is trading in his Burger King attire for a blue "How May I Help You" vest!
Keeping my fingers crossed that he enjoys this new job and that all goes well.