Feb 26, 2015

Kindy 500

 Yesterday was our school's Kindy 500.
This activity is the highlight of the year for the kids.
Each child is to create a 'car' (or airplane, tractor, butterfly, ice cream truck, bulldozer, etc) at home complete with license plate from your assigned state.
Yep, we represented the great state of Louisiana.
On Kindy 500 day, they bring their 'cars' to school. 
The rest of the school and the parents line the halls while the Kindergartners drive their 'cars' through the halls in parade fashion.
(Too bad they don't throw candy- Now that I'd be excited about.)
After the parade, the students break up into groups and 'drive' cross-country on an American History Tour.  Yesterday we toured Mt. Rushmore, Mt. Vernon, Betsy Ross's House in Philadelphia , the White House, the Statue of Liberty , the Lincoln Memorial, and we also went on a bald eagle watch picking up souvenirs as we went.
There was a lot of work put in by the teachers, and community members that volunteered their time to dress-up like historical heroes to teach our children about America and how great it is.
The history buff that I am loved it!

By the way, we did not make this carriage.  We borrowed it from the neighbors.  SCORE!