Feb 2, 2015

I wish I were in Dixie

Last week at this very moment I was waking up to this.  

Wish that were the case again this morning.
My family and I, complete with the grandparents (because vacations are way more fun when Grandma and Grandpa come) took a short little vacation to Utah's Dixie Land -
also known as St. George.
We sorely missed #1.  He stayed home because he had to work.  It just wasn't the same without him.
 I love the view of the temple from just about anywhere in St. George.
and the palm trees, and the sunny skies, and being able to thaw out in the 75 degree temperatures, 
We drove by the LDS temple, went out to eat,
 and spent a whole day four-wheeling in the red dessert behind our condo.

 We definitely could not ride in shorts and short-sleeves at this time of the year where we live.

 Both little girls wanted to ride with Grandpa
because he goes fast!
See how happy they are when they get to go fast?
  and Grandma was excited to ride with this handsome guy, #4, because Grandma does not like to go fast and he will drive gently and very carefully when she's a passenger.
 We also swam under the big tent at the aquatics center, watched movies, ate pizza, sat in the hot tub, and went shopping.
 But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we had to come back home.

Goodbye Dixie Land ---Until next time!