Feb 24, 2015

70th Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon in the beautiful valley of Midway, UT
I love this valley.  My dad grew up here and I have many fond memories of my G.G. and summer vacations spent here. 
We weren't here to reminisces, we were here to celebrate and to PAR-TAY!
This is Clint's Aunt Tanya (pronounced T on ya - I've been saying her name wrong for years so I have to remind myself.)  Her 70th Birthday was last Saturday, and it was for her that we were celebrating.  She is an incredible woman.  She never married, and therefore had no children of her own.  Clint and her siblings (her only nieces and nephews) have become like her own children. 
For this milestone birthday, she decided that she really wanted to celebrate all the people in her life that have formed her or influenced her into the woman she is today.
This year, she will be contacting these people and doing something for them - taking them out to dinner, writing them a note of gratitude- something.  This party was the kick-off to what she is calling T.C.'s Gratitude Tour (She's from a military family can you tell?)  I love this idea!  Instead of celebrating herself, she is choosing to celebrate others.

This lady is incredible.  She is the true definition of Charity.  She is always thinking of others, serving them, and loving them. She's the kind of person you always want to be around because she makes you feel good about yourself.

Happy Birthday Aunt Tanya!