Feb 9, 2015

#5 is Baptized!

 We had a wonderful weekend.
The best thing that happened was the baptism of this cute little eight year old. 
She was so excited to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
 The morning of her baptism she admitted to not sleeping well the night before because she was a mixture of both nervous and excited.  The morning dragged on (for her, not me, who was trying to get every one and every thing ready for the big day) as she counted down the minutes, until it  was finally  10:00, time to leave for the church.
When she came out of the water, sparkling and washed clean, she beamed with happiness.  As I was helping her dress into dry clothes, she kept telling me over and over again,  "I feel so great!  I want to do that again and again!"
After the service, we hosted refreshments (doughnuts and chocolate milk- as requested) at our house.
I always get so busy and never remember to take pictures of everyone!  *UGH *
It was an amazing day!