Jan 5, 2015


Way back in November, I decided that I was tired of feeling tired and bloated and miserable.  After hearing Elder Klebingat's AWESOME General Conference Talk (which, by the way, is up next to discuss in General Conference Club- YAY!) I decided it was time I started taking care of my physical well-being.  It was time to cut the crap out of my diet and focus on fueling my body with real food.
After reading, researching  (including THIS), and experimenting, I decided the easiest way to change my eating habits would be to go cold turkey by doing a Whole30.   Basically on this program you only eat WHOLE FOODS- lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, some protein, good fats, no sugar, dairy, or grains (even whole grains) for 30 days.  

December first, I decided to begin.  I didn't prepare very well (meaning I didn't have anything healthy in the house other than some frozen green beans and some apples), and I ended up succumbing to a bowl of cereal.  DANG!  The next day I went to the grocery store and stocked up on nuts, meats, fruits, and vegetables.  I was determined to do this and I was not going to fall short again.  

Believe it or not, I held strong.  ---If you visit my recipe blog, you'll know how much I love sugar . . . .and white flour. . . ..and butter. .  . .oh and chocolate, especially all together.---
I'm happy to report that I was able to resist temptation at several family get-together's and our annual cookie day.  I was pretty proud of myself.  It took a lot of self-control.

I did allow myself to cheat on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, (Hey!  Everyone deserves a treat around the holidays.) so technically I only did a WHOLE 20, but I'm still thrilled. Every other day, besides those two, was clean, healthy eating. 

Instead of gaining the typical Holiday 10, I lost 12 pounds and several inches along with my craving for crap food.  I've learned to love eggs, and vegetables (something I thought was impossible).  I've also overcome my phobia of healthy fats.  Don't get me wrong, it was hard!  But by about halfway through, the cravings stopped and something just clicked.  In fact I love it so much that I'm doing another Whole30 for the month of January.