Jan 12, 2015

The life of me

a.  Over the weekend, I finished reading the last book in one of my favorite series.  It was awesome, yet sad.  I hate it when a series ends.  I wish they could go on and on forever.  You fall in love with the characters and you just want to follow their lives forever.
Have you read any of the culinary mysteries by Josi Kilpack?
They feature a lovable sleuth named Sadie Hoffmiller whose love for food is weaved through her stories (and yes, recipes are included!).  Her books are a quick easy, sometimes intense, but mostly fun (and let's not forget mouthwatering) read.  I love them, my teenage kids love them, and you will love them too.

b. Last weekend we finally took down the dead, brittle Christmas tree.  Some of the kids helped me remove the ornaments, and then the hubs carried it outside where we spent (I kid you not) almost an hour in the freezing cold unwrapping all 20 strands of lights!  What was I thinking putting that many lights on?

c.  The family tree in our TV room is still up.  Yep, I'm awesome like that.

d.  I'm on day 12 of my 2nd Whole30.  It's funny (not really) that I spent 3 months of jogging/running everyday during the summer, and the only thing I have to show for it is a bummed knee, and maybe 1 pound less on the scale.  I've spent a little over a month doing absolutely no exercise, but eating healthy and I've already lost 14 lbs.  Say what!?  Seriously, abs ARE made in the kitchen.

e.  Basketball season is upon us once again.  This year, only the two youngest boys are playing.  I love watching them, but miss seeing my girl play.  Clint is coaching #4's team.  They are pretty good.  During the first game, my kids told me I was getting pretty mouthy, so this past week, I had to bring something to do to help take away some of my focus from the game.  I'm telling you, those Ref's are sometimes blind as a bat or they see things that aren't really there.  Hopefully I didn't embarrass anyone this week.