Jan 15, 2015

The 'FUNK'

Please enjoy these selfies while I ramble on and on about nothing of real importance.
 Have you ever had one of those days where from the moment you wake up, you know something's just not right?  You feel a little twitch coming on, something different is in the air.  That was me a couple days ago.

 I call it 'THE FUNK'.  Basically it's a technical, sophisticated term for being ornery.
Doesn't saying "I've come down with a case of 'The Funk'." sound a lot better than saying "I'm really ornery today, so watch out because I just might kill you before the day is over."?

Have you ever had a case of 'The Funk'?  You're ornery, sassy, moody, grumpy, angry, sad, grouchy, crotchety, cranky, and very ill-tempered.  You know you have it and everyone around you definitely knows you have it, but there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  It's like a virus, you just have to wait it out.  
 Have you ever noticed that when 'The Funk' hits, it really hits.
Take my day for example:  I woke up to one side of my hair doing this really weird bouffant-type thing.  The other half was perfect.  No matter how much water I poured on it, or how many times I tried to comb it down, it went right back up into it's fro-self.  NOT COOL!  Then of course my patience was tested 1,000 times more than on a usual, non-funk day.  I got sassy the secretary at the dentist office who called to reschedule an appointment.  I was rude to sister, and honked at a sweet little old lady who was taking too long to cross the street (okay not really on the little old lady part).  Of course, Clint had to work late, and I think all of my kids (bless their hearts) purposely sent themselves to Time-Out just to stay clear of me.  Sorry Kids, It wasn't me - It was 'The Funk'.
Then I decided to make a new Pioneer Woman Soup recipe for dinner in between running kids to and from.  Two hours later, it still wasn't done!  So, I did what anyone with a case of  'The Funk' would do, I stomped around, slammed the kitchen cabinet doors a few times, then yelled for everyone to "come out of hiding if you want to eat", and served everyone cold cereal for dinner.  It was awesome.- I think it's even up for a "Best Funk Moment Ever" award.

Thank goodness I don't suffer from 'The Funk' very often, but when I do. . . .stay clear, you will get yelled at and you just might catch it too.