Jan 27, 2015

Scripture Sight Words

 I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
It is really important for me as a mother to teach my children to connect with the scriptures.
A few years ago, my sister gave each member of our family a paperback Book of Mormon.  We have used and reused these things.  

This is my youngest.  She, for the last year, occasionally takes her little blue Book of Mormon to bed and pretends to read a page or two.  She has always pretended to read.  Remember THIS? (Scroll to the very end.)  Fortunately she is now in Kindergarten and she is learning to read.  Each week she learns a new 'sight-word' or two.  Words like to, the, for, they, look, etc.
 Last week, I saw her just marking away in her blue book of scripture.  When I asked her what she was marking, she excitedly said, "Oh just all the words I know."
She might not be able to read -read the Book of Mormon, but she's thrilled to be able to find and read all the sight-words she knows.   To her, she's reading the scriptures just like her siblings.
And that does a mama's heart good.