Jan 20, 2015

4-day Weekends Rock!

photo by my friend @ramtalk
 We had a glorious, fun-packed four day weekend.  Yes, I said FOUR DAY, and it was awesome.
#2 and #3 spent Thursday afternoon through Saturday at this beautiful lodge located in the snowy Rocky Mountains.  
They were attending our ward's (Church) youth conference.
They were able to go skiing and snowshoeing.  They played games, had a dance, and were able to have their spiritual tanks filled by two motivational speakers-
photo by my friend @ramtalk
This cute girl, Al Fox Carraway, and the amazing Elaine Dalton, former General Young Women leader for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Both of these women inspire me.  (Truthfully I'm a little jealous -I really wanted to go.
I'm grateful my children have these opportunities to strengthen their testimony of Christ and the gospel, but man! I miss them when they're gone.
Saturday was filled with basketball, basketball, oh, and more basketball-  Three games total.
It seems that the older my kids get, the more intense their basketballs games get.  Sometimes I just can't take it and I have to spend some time in the bathroom calming down. These games get IN-tense!  For instance, this particular game, our team came back from being down by about half to losing by just 1 -one- stinking point.  It was a nail biter.
 In between games, this little eight year old and I along with my assistant (#2) had an amateur photo session.
 We gussied her up in her new baptism dress, did her hair, and even put on lip gloss, then set out to 'try' to take some photos that we could use for her baptism invitations, and also to display.
 The weather was perfect for January.  It was almost 50 degrees, the sun was shining, and there was very little snow on the ground.

 We had such a fun time.  She was the perfect subject.
Luckily out of the 1, 227.065+ pictures I took, a handful of them turned out. PHEW-

Yesterday we wrapped up the weekend with a date to the Nickel Arcade.  As my children get older, I relish these moments when we're all together, playing and having a good time.  Family Time really is the Best Time. 

This morning it was back to school.  Today is the beginning of our second semester, which means the school year is half over.  WHAT?!  It's going way too fast!