Dec 11, 2014

Sing Choirs of Angels

Last Saturday, we went Temple Square in Salt Lake City,  UT.
It was a family affair.  We were so grateful to have my parents, my Gram, and my sister and her family there with us.
 #2 performed in a beautiful Christmas concert with her school choir in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and also the Assembly Hall.
Can you spy her?  She spies you.
 Have you ever been inside the Assembly Hall on Temple Square?  It is one of the most gorgeous buildings ever.  Built by the Mormon pioneers in the late 1800's, the craftsmanship is to die for.  
Look at that spiral staircase and all the handcrafted molding. 
Including this on the center of the ceiling.
Not to mention the organ, and all the stained-glass windows.
It's definitely a must see.