Dec 25, 2014

Gingerbread House Throw-Down

Please enjoy this "super fierce", competitive Gingerbread House Throw-Down!
 Team Girls begin by making a plan and getting everything set and ready.

 Team Guys does the same.  They will not be outdone by Team Girls!

 Halfway through the competition:
 Team Girls' house is practically finished and lookin' good.
 Team Guys. . . .
well, they're making progress!
Team Guys scramble to catch up.
 Deciding that their house is not turning out quite the way they had envisioned, and they're getting a little bored, Team Guys resorts to randomly making their own contest "Which teammate can throw the most candy and make it stick?"
 A touch of green snow to the roofline adds a nice touch,
OH and it looks like the icing tube is going on as well.
Very nice creative Team Guys.
 Meanwhile over at Team Girls, we have quite the blizzard going on. . . 
 and now apparently the blizzard has crossed over to Team Guys.
 It's down to the wire.  Time to put on the finishing touches.

 Team Girls- beautiful, edible house.
 Team Guys-  creative, messy, 
 definitely non-edible house.