Dec 16, 2014

Christmas Tradition

 Last night for FHE, we drove through our communities Festival of Lights, a tradition we've been doing for what seems like FOREVER.  Last night as I looked at all the beautiful lights, I couldn't help but think of THE LIGHT, our Savior Jesus Christ.
I feel His light in my life everyday.  His light brings me peace and joy.  It gives me a desire to keep trying.  It makes me want to be better.
After the lights, we took the kids shopping for their "Secret-Santa" gift.  Each Christmas season, our children draw names.  Throughout the month, they do secret acts of service for that person.  They also give a small gift to that person on Christmas morning.  The kids love sneaking around trying to make a bed or pick up a room without getting caught.  Most are even more excited to open their "Secret Santa" gift than they are any other present on Christmas morning.

This year instead of taking the kids one at a time or two at a time, we decided to just go for it, and take everyone (except for our oldest who was working).  The older kids went off by themselves, while Clint and I took around the younger ones.  We felt like spies as we sneaked around the store trying to not let anyone see what we gift we had picked out.  It was a blast!  This is becoming one of my favorite traditions.