Dec 22, 2014

Christmas Vacation

Christmas is here, including Christmas Vacation for the kids, but not for Clint.  Just like Santa, this is also his Busy Season.  He's been working Saturdays and he even had to work yesterday, on Sunday.  BOO! HISS!
That means I'm on my own to keep these six little cuties not only entertained but also CALM as the excitement for Christmas day draws closer (thus the reason I'm blogging so late).  Today knowing this, I woke up extra early (almost as early as Clint) to finish my Christmas shopping.  After an hour in the store and an hour in the check-out line (so much for trying to beat the crowds), I am happy to report MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS FINISHED!  

Crowd Cheers with Applause and clapping: YAY!  

Now to wrap it all up (pun intended), and get it under the tree.

Other things that were done today:
(because I know you're interested)

1.  Hung the stockings by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be here, but not too soon because I'm not ready yet.

2.  I broke up an argument between the two little girls.

3.  Deep cleaned the playroom and bedrooms.  Boy was that was a chore!  We went through every box, drawer, and cabinet of toys, organizing and getting everything back to it's proper place.  We also tossed a few Barbies that have been beheaded or lost a limb or two over the year.

4.  I broke up another "disagreement" between the two little girls, who got sassier and sassier with each other as the day continued.  This time I told them Santa's Elf just called to tell them they were on the Naughty List.  They straightened up and shut their mouths.  -It was awesome.

3.  As a reward for such hard work, we had a gingerbread house building/decorating contest.  The boys -vs- the girls.  (More on that later).  Boy was there a lot of smack talk going down at our house!

4.  I played taxi driver, running kids to play excuse me, hang, with friends, to the bank. and to a Basketball scorekeepers meeting.

5.  Finally turned a Christmas movie on for the girls while I take a hopefully long winter's nap sans kerchief.

  Man, it's going to be a looooong two weeks.