Nov 4, 2014

My Birthday Wish

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday.  We follow the ancient tradition at our house of making a silent wish before blowing out the candles on your cake.  If you successfully blow them out, the smoke will carry your wish up to Heaven where God will grant it.

What's my wish for this year?

This year, I wish to be the best mother to my children I am possibly capable of being.

I wish to always meet their love language.

I wish to love my children to their highest and best selves.

I wish to always put my family first- over work, hobbies, traveling, etc

I wish to always be there for my children no matter how old they are.

I wish to always make my children feel loved and welcome in my home.

I wish to always have a fun home full of good feelings that my children will always want to return to.

I wish to never favor one child more than another.

I wish to create a close-knit family relationship that will never be broken.

I wish my children will always remember that it takes everyone together to make a family - no empty chairs - period!