Oct 14, 2014

Witch Hunt FHE

 Yesterday for FHE (Family Home Evening) we decided to get into the spirit of the Halloween season by going on a Witch Hunt.  Gardner Village in West Jordan, UT has the cutest witches displayed all over.

 Like this one talking on her "EYE" phone.
 And these two making a brew from their Book of Spells.
There is even a Witch Scavenger Hunt you can go.
 Once you've located where that witch is you write down her location and once you have found them all, you get a discounted chocolate chip cookie from the bakery. 
 My sister and her two boys joined us for the fun.
 Everyone's favorite witch?  
It was a tie between Witchy-Poo, which was popular among those still of potty joke age,
and this witch, popular among the older crowd (mostly Clint- who is apparently still of potty joke age).  

Have a Terrific Tuesday!