Oct 13, 2014

That's What Make You Beautiful

 Dearest Daughter,
Looking back on these photos from your Homecoming date last weekend, I still cannot get over how beautiful you are.  True beauty is more than skin-deep.  You seem to know this secret.  While you are gorgeous on the outside, what truly makes you beautiful is your countenance.  It is aglow with Godly virtue and happiness.
This happiness creates your beautiful smile that I so often see.  It brightens a room, and cheers others.
You know that modest is hottest.  And instead of drawing undue attention to yourself, you seek to glorify God.  That's what makes you beautiful.

 "True beauty can’t be painted on but is a gift of the Spirit. It is literally letting your light shine before men." (sourceKeep Shining your light!

Love,  Mama