Oct 7, 2014


a.  My day was made when I woke up this morning to chocolate on my pillow.  It was undoubtedly left there for me by my oldest.  He knows his mama well.

b.  On the flip side, yesterday I woke up to no internet service - thus no blog post.  I would reset everything and it would work just long enough to get me excited, then it would shut off again.  Living out in the sticks, we only have 2 options for internet one is super slow, the other gives spotty service.  Guess which one I have.
c.  This past weekend was LDS General Conference Weekend.  As always, the talks were incredible.  The topic that stood out to me was PRIORITIZE.  Put prayer, scripture study, Family Home Evening, and the temple first, then fit everything else in.  
d.  This selfie of these three boys was taken at the Priesthood session inside the Conference Center.  Don't they look  handsome.  Thanks Uncle Steve for the tickets.

e.  This year we started a new conference tradition.  After seeing several other families post about putting together a puzzle while they watched the conference sessions, I decided to do the same thing.  Saturday the boys put together half of a 1000 piece puzzle before they left for the Priesthood Session.  While they were gone, my girls helped clean up the family room, including the half completed puzzle.  No worries, Sunday we began again and finished it just before the last session was over.
f.  Saturday night, while the boys were at Conference, I, my sister, her two boys, and my three girls met up for Cafe Rio, ice cream, and playtime/talk time at the park.  While the men are away, the girls will play. . .. 

g.  Today, I'm trying to find the energy to deep clean my house.  You know wash walls, dust ceiling fans and the tops of cabinets, wash windows, wipe mop boards- stuff you don't usually do, but needs to be done.  Wish me luck.  And if anyone wants to help, just come on over.