Oct 2, 2014

Just Dance

We've been in total dance mode around here this past month.
First we had Sadie Hawkin's (Girl's Choice).  Why they chose to do Sadie's before Homecoming, I'll never know.
 #2 used this cute "I'D BE A DING DONG IF I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO THE DANCE!" idea from lilluna (thanks lilluna) to ask her date, 'JB', (the nickname we gave him) to the dance.
His answer was found in this gigantic cake.
 -Cut the cake to find your answer-
 and that she did
 After a little digging she found it. . . . 
This was definitely the funnest idea yet. 
The theme for the dance was Grease (you know, as in the movie),
The dance took place on a "Su-hum-mer ni- hite"
For their matching outfits, they decided to go with 50's black 'Greaser' t-shirts and jeans, which made it super easy to Hand Jive in.
Doesn't this photo just scream 
We go together like rama-lama-lama-ka-ding-it-ty-ding-de-dong!

Okay, enough of the bad Grease puns
 Before Sadie's even came and went, this showed up at our house-
an invitation to Homecoming.  
This dance asking/answering is so much fun!

Her answer back:
"ICE CREAM YES!"  (Get it- I scream yes. . . )

Last Saturday we spent a long day shopping for a MODEST semi-formal dress.  We found two, which she is still deciding on.
Dress 1

Dress 2

Decision, decisions.  What's your choice?