Oct 31, 2014

Halloween Rules!

 Ahhh!  Halloween, you're finally here.
This morning everyone was up on time, but some how the clock ticked way too fast and I was only half way done with curling Miss "Bat Fairy's" hair when my phone's alarm went off (I have to set an alarm for everything.  If I don't, I lose track of time or I completely forget) informing me it was time to take these littles to school.  We pulled into school right as the bell was ringing. . . So much for being on time.  
 No matter how late we were, I was taking pictures.  I got out my camera, sat the girls down, turned on my camera and . . . .. nothing. 
The battery was dead!  
All I have to say is thank goodness for cell phone cameras.
 They don't take the best quality, but something is better than nothing.
 We practiced for Halloween last night by going to two trunk or treats.  Everyone was able to warm up their "candy bag holding" arm muscles and practice their "Trick-or-Treat" chants.  Now we're all ready for the big night tonight.
The older kids always hang out with friends and Clint and I take the two youngest girls trick-or-treating.  

Happy Halloween.  
Hope you have a safe and fun night.