Oct 27, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

We've been busy around here.  Clint's Aunt Betty and his cousin Samantha have been here since last Thursday visiting us.  We've been busy playing, hiking, baking, eating, laughing, watching movies, (Samantha just returned from a two year LDS mission to Tulsa, OK and has some catching up to do), shopping, visiting, and sightseeing.

We LOVE (and I mean love) this family.  They are the most genuine, always laughing, funny people you'll ever meet.  We wish they would bring the rest of the family and stay forever.

This past week, I've also tried my hand at refinishing a few pieces of furniture.

I repainted this beat up black coffee table we acquired from my sister (thanks Kim).
It was black but after a few years, the daily wear and tear was really starting to show.

SO. . . .I spray painted the whole table a dark walnut color.  I left the top brown and painted the bottom using left-over Chalk Paint in Old-Fashion White. To finish it off, I sanded the edges just a little.  I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

I also refinished a maple-colored laminate bookshelf by painting the edges (where I planned to sand) a charcoal color, then spray painted the whole thing an aqua blue color.  Then I painted over the blue with the rest of the left-over Old-fashioned White chalk paint.  I finished it off by sanded the edges to give it a vintage feel.  It looks perfect in my girl's playroom.

Have you seen Meet the Mormons yet?  We had the chance to see it this past weekend.  I cried like a baby during one of the segments.  It's an incredible movie.  GO SEE IT!!!  You will be amazed and you'll walk away inspired with a desire to do more and be more.

My family can't get enough of  cutie David Archuleta's song Glorious featured in this movie.  
You can also download this song for FREE