Sep 16, 2014

Word of Wisdom Family Night

Every so often we try to have a Family Night lesson dedicated to the Word of Wisdom.
Sometimes we discuss things that are good for our body such as exercise, and healthy eating.  Other times, we discuss things that are not good for us such as drugs, alcohol, etc.  We try to use this lesson as a way to inform our children of new things that have come about that we feel they should be aware of.  For example energy drinks (did you know some contain alcohol?), or the popular playground smiley face tongue sticker that contains acid.

 Last night we discussed both the bad and the good. First, we discussed the somewhat-new teen trend called the E-cigarette, an electronic smokeless, tobacco-less way to smoke.  We warned our children that this is still smoking and it is a vice Satan is using to try to trick people into hurting their bodies (Did you know that just a teaspoon of liquid nicotine found in a e-cigarette can be lethal?)

 After our discussion, we reminded our children of the importance of exercising our bodies by going on a hike.    PHEW!- 
Just above our house is an awesome trail.
The leaves were beginning to change,
and the views are ridiculous

  Luckily we made it up and back down just as the sun was setting. 
 (It wasn't really this dark yet.  It just looks that way because I had to use the flash.)