Sep 11, 2014

The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done!

Last weekend we back our bags and headed back up to Heber Valley Camp to spend the weekend with our favorite missionaries.  
 Last weekend I also did the scariest thing I've EVER -in my entire life. . . .
 After suiting up in tight, fat-hugging harnesses and super cute helmets
 We had to climb
 and climb
 and climb
all the way up a 30 foot pole.
 Once we reached the top, (30 scary extremely high feet off the ground later) we had to somehow get our shaking, trembling body up and over to the horizontal log.
The next challenge was to walk across the log, while keeping your balance, (and trying not to throw-up because you are  totally afraid of heights) over to the nest.
 Where a missionary is waiting to hook you up to the zip-line and push you off to your doom.
This was actually the best part of the whole experience (once you came to from having fainted after being pushed off the ledge that is).
 Some weren't affected at all by the height
and had a fun time showing off!
Others (not naming names - Aunt K, and Cousin P), including my baby girl, who once they got to the top and looked down, freaked out!
In this case, Grandpa who was belaying below, just picked her up and slid her over to the nest 
 where the kind and patient sister missionary did her thing, pushed her off the edge,
And all was well.
I'll admit I'm afraid of heights.  I wouldn't say I have a phobia, but let's just say I certainly don't enjoy standing out looking over a 100 foot cliff or a 10 foot cliff either.
My plan of attack for this challenge was to smile, and pretend like it didn't bother me.  "Who me, afraid of heights?  You must have the wrong person. I love them"
It worked.  I did it and it was a proud moment.
Go me!