Sep 22, 2014


1.  As of last Thursday (September 18th) the padres (parents) are home from their service mission to Heber Valley Camp (aka HVC).  At least for a bit.  They will return for another year of service in the spring.
We really missed having them around and are super excited to have them home and to be able to see them more than just a handful of times.
Although I'm not so sure how excited they are to be back seeing as they are leaving today for Vegas.   Then from Vegas to San Francisco where they'll leave on a 17 day cruise to The Panama and Caribbean.  Their last port will be in Florida where they will then spend 2 weeks visiting my brother and his family before flying back to CA and meandering their way back home.
Ahhh- such is the life a the retired!  Have a fun trip Mom and Dad.
 2.  Speaking of parents, we had a brief visit from Clint's parents last Sunday.  They brought us a bug zapper which has gotten a lot of use.  THANKS!!!!  It's been great entertainment for the kids.
 3.  #6 had a great 6th birthday!
She insisted on decorating her cake by herself.  I 'helped' her frost she did the rest.
 It turned out pretty cute.  She was thrilled with it. 
(Rapunzel you look gorgeous girl!)

4.  On Saturday, Number Two had a great time with her date at her high school's Sadie Hawkin's Dance.  Pictures to come soon.

5.  Also on Saturday, #1 "Pimped Out His Ride" with LED lights under the seats. 
They flash to the beat of the bass, which makes for one Totally wiki-wiki-WICKED, Phat ride!