Sep 5, 2014


Ready or Not -Today my Baby Boy turns 18!  (I'm still in shock!) Yesterday I spend hours looking through old photos and scrapbooks (Remember years ago before digital cameras?  Remember when you had to use film and then get that film developed?  Remember when you use to scrapbook your then developed pictures with tacky stickers and construction paper?  Just wondering-)  Anyway, as I was saying, I was looking through old photos and scrapbooks reminiscing.  
For instance:
I looked at His birth announcement.  He was the cutest, hairiest baby.  I remember being so excited to be his mother.  The first night in the hospital he didn't make a single peep.  All night, he just stared at me with his cute little eyes.  I was smitten.
Then he got a little older.  His cute little grey eyes turned an amazing shade of blue.  At this age, he loved balls, especially basketball.  Up until he was two or so, he would take his ball and little portable hoop everywhere he went.  Little did we know, he would also come to have a major fixation with trains.
Here he is on his 1st Birthday.  (Oh my cuteness!)
 It's hard to believe this was 17 years ago.  He had a train cake (maybe that's where the fixation started???)
Here he is at about 1-1/2.  (Look at my fingernails!  I don't think I've had painted nails since.)
Here he is at two.  Those eyes and that little round face.  I just want to squish it and kiss it!
Oh my goodness-
 Here he is at three years old.
Such the little man.
 And at almost 4 years with the chicken pox.  (Yes he got the immunization, but for some reason, he got them anyway.)
Then came Kindergarten.  (He use to cry everyday when I would drop him off because he didn't want to leave me!  I wish he still felt that way.)
 From then on, he decided to grow up on me!
 And he kept growing
  and growing,
and getting older (Hi Gram!).
 Here he is graduating from elementary school and moving on to Junior High.
That was a happy/sad day for me.  Junior High = growing up.
 7th grade
 8th and 9th
 Then came High School
And here he is on his 16th birthday!
 Then before I could even digest that I had a 16 year old, he goes and turns 17 on me. (Without even asking me if I was okay with that.)
Which brings us to today, birthday #18.  -Sniff Sniff- (Again he did not consult with me!)
Man, those 18 years went by fast! Too fast.  So today as we're celebrating, I'll be sure to keep the hankie close by because I'm sure the tears will by flowing.
Happy Birthday!