Aug 19, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

This past weekend was our last hurrah before school starts. 
Clint and our oldest flew to Arizona to attend a funeral (RIP Uncle Daniel- We miss you already.)  They left on Friday and flew back in on Sunday.  They had a great weekend spending time with each other and visiting with family.
 On Friday, the rest of us (minus my oldest girl who was too busy hanging out with her friends) spent Friday with Gram.
I really think it's cool that my kids still have a great-grandma that's still alive.
She'll be 91 this November.  I keep telling her she is not allowed to die.
 We had a special surprise planned for Gram, so I sent her in to take a nap.
While she was napping I made a cake Gram's been craving.
The kids watched TV,
 Looked for treasures in the backyard,
 and took selfies.
Finally Gram was awake.  Time for the surprise.  We loaded up Gram 
and her wheelchair
and took her to
 the County Fair!
 We had such a blast!  Riding rides, looking at the exhibits, and eating funnel cakes.
 We had Gram all talked into riding the Ferris wheel until the ride operator said it would be closed for just a minute while he located a missing part.  What!?  Well that was the end of that.  No Ferris wheel for Gram.
But I think she had fun anyway.