Aug 26, 2014

Primary and Family Home Evening

Clint and I serve as Primary teacher's in our Church.  The Primary is what we call the children's Sunday school.  We get to teach the 9/10 year olds together every Sunday.
We also have an awesome music leader who sometimes lets the kids dress-up the teachers.
Poor Clint. . . better him than me!  Hahahaha

The theme for Primary this month is "Participating in Wholesome Activities Will Strengthen My Family".
One such activity is Family Home Evening or FHE for short.  There is no right or wrong way to do FHE.  My family takes turns, and each family member rotates through being in charge, sharing a scripture, leading us in song, saying an opening prayer, teaching a lesson, directing us in a game, showing off a talent or achievement, and providing refreshments.

Modern-day prophets have promised us great blessings if we have regular weekly FHE's.

Some blessings include:
more love at home
obedience to parents will increase
your children will develop faith and gain power to offset evil influences and temptations (which there are plenty of in today's society)
increased personal worth
 Last night for FHE we read and discussed "A Good Day After All", from the Sept 2014 Friend magazine, about having a good attitude.  #6 showed off her new backpack that is all packed and ready for her first day of school today.  Then we moved out all the furniture for a little competitive game of indoor volleyball.  And let's not forget the treats- chocolate chocolate pudding pie (#5 likes her some chocolate).
We love FHE at our house!