Aug 5, 2014

My Three Sons

I'm proud  of them all:
You're looking at the newest Sunday School secretary in our Ward.
This is my first born.  Isn't he handsome?  He'll be 18 in a month, and I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.  I'm not old enough to have an 18 year old (I'm only 25).  In two weeks he'll start his Senior year of High School.  Wahhhh!  I don't know if I'm ready.  He has such a big heart.  The other day, he gave his little sisters a dollar to spend at the store (for no reason at all), and he bought his brothers a video game (again just to be nice).  He can still be found outside shoveling the driveway without being asked.  I sure love this kid - even if he wants to and get all grown-up on me.

This is my third child, and second son, also very handsome. He just turned 15.  He was my biggest baby (7 lbs. 9oz.) and he's now my biggest child (5'10"  possibly taller, and growing everyday). AND Believe it or not, this guy use to be a toe-head. This year he'll be starting his Freshman year of High School.  (Hold on-I feel the tears coming. . . )  He loves sports and has a natural athletic ability- he's good at everything.  He's also a great helper, he can fix and reach almost everything.  This guy also has an awesome sense of humor.  Out of nowhere, he can come up with the funniest stuff.  Just last night he informed us that he was going to name his children after NBA superstars - Lebron James Collins, Jason Kidd Collins . . . This kid is always making us laugh -I just love this kid! 
This is my baby boy.  I call him Mr. Freckles cause I just love his cute freckley face.  Mr. Freckles just "graduated" from 6th grade which means he's off to Junior High.  NO!!!!!   My little boy is a Sevie?  (You go right ahead tear. . .) I'm sure it will come as no big surprise that I love this boy too.  He is growing up so too fast.  He's no longer a little boy.  He's a lot like his dad -he loves to tease, and play practical jokes on people.  Hiding and then jumping out and scaring the life out of you is his specialty.  This is just his way of saying, "Hi, I loves you".  He has a kind heart and is nice to everyone, and I mean everyone.  This year he will be volunteering as a Peer Tutor at school.  A Peer Tutor is a student who is a friend to and helps the handicap kids.  No doubt he'll be great at this.