Aug 28, 2014

First Day Blues

 My baby girl started school this past Tuesday.
She loves it!  She was up at the crack of dark, dressed, fed, hair curled, and chomping at the bit to leave for her 9:00 Kindergarten class.  It was only 7:45.  
When the time to leave finally arrived, she was still just as excited.  I, on the other hand, was fighting tears and a possible anxiety attack. 
Once I got her all settled at her classroom table and into the capable hands of her teacher, she came to the realization that her mom wouldn't be able to stay with her.  This made her a little nervous.  I was half tempted to pick her up, and take her back home with me, telling the school we'd try again in a few years.
I didn't. I held strong (and back the tears) and told her she was going to do great and have so much fun.  Then I kissed her goodbye and walked back to a quiet, lonely, empty house.
Why is it when all my kids were home driving me nuts, I'd give anything for a break.
But now that I have that break, I'd give anything to have all my kids home driving me nuts.
? ? ?