Aug 8, 2014


 Poor Mr. Freckles spent the majority of Wednesday morning under the tutelage of his older brother, learning and trying to master the very important task of opening his locker.  These Jr. High lockers are tricky- after you turn to the last number of the combination, the dial hardens and you have to twist it and pull the locker door open all at the same time.  If you relax the dial, it resets and you have to start all over again.  Mr. Freckles locker door was particularly tight and difficult to open.   He must have tried 100 times without success.  Yesterday, determined to not let his locker get the best of him, he went back to the school this time taking both his tutor and his older sister with him.  His determination paid off- Operation "Open Locker" was a success!
 After our morning at the Jr High, these two cuties and I set off to collect Brag Tags.  Our community and local business are doing a summer "unplug" challenge.  The whole purpose of the challenge is to unplug from TV, video games,etc and do other media-free activities instead - such as feed the ducks, go stargazing, swim in the lake, etc.
Each listed activity equals a Brag Tag.  We visited close to 30 businesses from Insurance offices, to Doctor's offices, to banks and restaurants.  After a long exciting for them, exhausting for me day, we had collected a total of 33 tags.  Not too bad.