Aug 16, 2014

Baby Girl

I had this post all up and ready to go yesterday.  This morning I turned on my computer and here it still is.  I forgot to hit publish!  Oh well, better late than never.
As I was transferring pictures from my camera to my computer, I found these cute pictures of my baby girl.
(I'm pretty sure these particular photos were taken by a certain 7 year old who along with her little sister just loves to take random pictures with her mother's camera.  Most times I find pictures of her dolls, or her feet on my camera roll.  100's of them.  This time I was pleasantly surprised to find these animated photos of #6. )
 This little girl, my last child, my baby, is leaving me and going off to Kindergarten.
 The nerve!
Doesn't she know her mama will have no idea what to do with herself?
I'll probably by bored to tears, or maybe those tears will be because I'm lonely, or maybe they will be tears of joy because I can finally go to the bathroom without any interruptions.
 She is excited and has been 'practicing' school for the past couple weeks.
 I, on the other hand, still cannot believe that after 18 years I'll have a few hours of being just Rachael and not Mom.  It's going to be really weird.

 #3 is the proud new owner of a Wubble.  It's a bubble, it's a ball, it's a Wubble. (yeah that makes no sense to me either)
This was Grandma Collins' birthday gift to him.  It's been on back order for forever.  It finally arrived yesterday afternoon.  This morning, it popped.  And that was the end of that. . .