Jul 17, 2014

Someone's Having a Birthday!

 Today my 3rd baby turns 15!
He has always been an easy-going, fun-loving guy.
Oh my cuteness!
Believe it or not, this guy was my biggest baby weighing in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 22 inches long.
His hair use to be blonde, but over the years it's turned dark.
I love this kids smile!  He's always making people laugh.  He was voted class clown in Kindergarten (in a good way).
He's always had a natural athletic ability.  He can play any sport for the first time like a pro. 
Over night this LITTLE boy turned into a BIG boy and no matter what I threaten him with, he will not stop growing up (literally - He's 5' 10" and getting taller every time I blink.)
Happy Birthday, Bud.  Your Mama sure loves you.  When you get back from EFY we'll celebrate.